Automotive Photography

A high quality magazine style shoot of your pride and joy hanging on your office, home or bar wall will look great and is what it deserves. This way you can enjoy it and show it off everyday.

Motorcycles and cars have been a love of mine all my life (the 635 is mine). This passion I will bring when shooting your beloved vehicle.

I shoot on location or in the studio and treat every vehicle individually so your shoot will be taylor made for your vehicle. I am also available for track days or motor racing events.

Time is spent before the shoot sorting locations that will suit your vehicle, organising models if required etc.

For the shoot your car will need to be clean (preferably detailed). I will meet you on location and the shoot will progress. Posing the vehicle and getting the right lighting can take some time but it is a fun day for you out with it.

After the shoot I will spend time in post production making those images just perfect for you and your wall.

These shoots are ideal for all vehicles including vintage, classics, imports, motorbikes or racing cars and bikes and also make a great gift.


car or motorbike on location $300
motorbike in the studio $300
car in studio (1/2 Day) $900
Model (2 hours) $300